Saturday, December 29, 2018

Does your Pooh Eat Poo?

Eating feces, or what is otherwise known as Coprophagia, is common amongst various animals but I am happy to sat that it's not a common practice around here...…… until it gets cold outside. I have no idea why but for some reason a select few of my dogs think that frozen poo or what I refer to as "poosicles" make for a fun treat and I find it to be completely and totally disgusting! I have read countless articles and asked my vet why this happens and it seems everyone has a theory. Some say it's a vitamin deficiency, my dogs are fed better than I am. Some say it's boredom, my dogs are never alone and get tons of play and stimulation. Some say it's because there is poo in the yard, we pick it up on a daily basis and on, and on, and on. So I don't have any idea why this becomes an issue when Winter strikes but I aimed to stop it as soon as it started. I have tried various products to add into their food, I have heard that fresh pineapple helps but they won't eat it, scolding just gets me a look like "okay I'll just do it later," and I think that I have finally found the answer: Adolphs Meat Tenderizer, the kind that is unseasoned and does not contain MSG. I found it on Amazon and when it arrived I lightly sprinkled it on their food. I did this right in front of them so they got all excited thinking that they were getting a new treat and were ready to chow down when I returned the bowls. At first I didn't think that they would eat it because it does have a spicy smell to it but it's not supposed to have any flavor and apparently it makes their waste taste terrible hence stopping the problem.

I am happy to report that the dogs didn't flinch when I gave them their food and happily chowed down apparently not noticing or caring that I had added the seasoning. I am also happy to say that problem with the "poosicles" has been resolved. Since I started adding the tenderizer they avoid their frozen treats and I am no longer a horrified dog owner wondering what is lingering on those tongues they try to cover me in kisses with! 
If you are having an issue with your dog consuming feces please consult your vet before putting any type of additive in their food to make sure that it is safe and good for your pet.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Puppy Take Home Dates

This week I have had a high level of unusual requests from people so I wanted to address the issue to hopefully help educate people. I try very hard to make my website informative but there's a major hitch, it seems that people don't take the time to read it or, if they do, some don't seem to think that some of it applies to them. With that being said let's discuss the take home/shipping dates for my puppies. When I have an available puppy posted on the website I will have a picture along with an informative paragraph below the picture telling you the color, gender, date of birth, take home date, shipping date, price and any other relevant information about the puppy. Here is an example of a post on the "Puppies for Sale" page of my website:

I post all of this information so that we are all on the same page, everyone knows when the puppy was born (be wary of breeders who don't post birthdates about their puppies,) everyone knows the price, and everyone knows the date that the puppies are ready to pick up or be shipped. The take home/shipping date is what a majority of people don't seem to take seriously and I don't know why.

This week I have had someone ask me if they can pick up their puppy a couple days earlier than their take home date because it's more convenient for them. This week I had someone ask me if they could come and pick up a 14 day old puppy this weekend. This week I had someone ask me if they could pick up a puppy two weeks earlier than their take home date because of the holidays and on and on and on…………

The take home and shipping dates that I have posted on the website are not negotiable! No, you cannot pick up a puppy a day or two earlier because it's more convenient, no puppies cannot go home two weeks early because of the holidays, etc. The puppies need to go through a weaning process, they need to be weaned off of their mother's milk, they need to be vaccinated, and I need to be sure that they are healthy and eating/drinking on their own, this all takes time and cannot be interrupted. On top of all that I am a licensed breeder and I have rules to follow, in the state of Wisconsin puppies cannot leave until they are 7 week old when being picked up and 8 weeks old when being shipped, no exceptions, not even by a day.  (There will always be people out there that will say that's too young, too old, etc. I didn't make the law, I follow it, and I will not let a puppy leave if I don't feel they are ready.)

Most of our puppies are adopted at a very early age and the families adopting them are immediately made aware of the take home/shipping dates that the puppies are ready on so please take that seriously and plan ahead to make that date a priority. There have been so many times that people have tried to change the date because they've wanted to make other plans and that makes me nervous because a new puppy is supposed to be a priority and if you can't make time in your life to pick them up when they are ready (when you've had several weeks notice) how are you going to make time for them in your life?

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