Thursday, November 29, 2018

Christmas January

Christmas is less than a month away and the emails are rolling in with people of course asking "Do you have Christmas puppies available?" Yes, I do but they are ready for home in January.

To some that might not make sense, some people are adamant about having a puppy to put beneath the Christmas tree but I see both options beneficial. Some years we do have puppies that are ready in time for Christmas Day and it works out perfect for families to discover them under the tree and celebrate their busy day with the addition of their new puppy. Other times we have found that people who reserve Christmas puppies are really busy, they stress about the time that they can pick up their puppy, what to do with it before they are ready to give it to their children, who will watch it for them, what will they do when they need to travel that day to visit the family, etc? So a Christmas ready puppy can both be a blessing and a hassle all depending on what you have planned.

We have found that our January ready puppies work out really well for the holidays because families can reserve one in advance, secretly get prepared, and then wrap up a picture along with puppy supplies for the kids to open on Christmas morning. Not actually having the puppy there on Christmas Day but letting the kids see a picture and know that they are getting one gives the family an opportunity to be excited but still have time to get prepared together and go through their holiday plans without having to work on training a new puppy during such a busy time.

If you're looking for a 2018 Christmas puppy we currently have some but they won't be ready for home until early January 2019. I am more than happy to send you pictures before Christmas and I have an extensive list of needed supplies posted on the "FAQ" page of the website so you can shop in advance and be prepared. You'd be amazed at how excited kids get when they unwrap a bag of puppy food and are then told that a new puppy will be coming home!!

For current information on the puppies that we have for sale please visit the "Puppies for Sale" page of our website at: and feel free to email us if interested in anyone at:

Monday, November 19, 2018

Pet Poison Helpline

The holidays are right around the corner, most of us have guests over, decorate for the seasons, prepare large meals and get in the festive mood which means your pets may be exposed to additional items that are toxic and/or deadly hence the reason for this blog. The Pet Poison Helpline can be a life saver if you feel that your pet has eaten or been exposed to something that may be toxic. For a fee you can call them and get expert advice and help. They also have a very helpful website with an alphabetical list of items that are toxic to pets. The list is long and worth taking a look at, I didn't even realize that some of the items on there were dangerous. For more information their 24 hour phone number is (855) 764-7661 and their website is:

This is just a small list of common items/ingredients that are toxic to pets, please check your ingredients and do your research on what your pet should/shouldn't be exposed to:

Xylitol- A sugar substitute that can be found in peanut butter, sugar free gum/candy, toothpaste, etc. It is deadly so please check your ingredients list to be sure you're not putting peanut butter in their Kong that contains this!

Essential Oils- There are many essential oils that you can put in a diffuser that are toxic to dogs including Tea Tree Oil (and others) so please do your research before exposing your pet to them.

Amaryliiss- A very common flower given as gifts during the holiday season.

Chocolate- Obviously there's lots of chocolate around during the holidays and some can also contain Xylitol.

Eucalyptus- A common essential oil put in diffusers, especially during the Winter months.

Lilly- A common plant given out or used to decorate during the holiday season, many types are toxic to pets.

Holly- Often used during the holiday season.

Marijuana- States that have made this legal are seeing more and more cases of animals being poisoned by this.

Mistletoe- Again often used during the holiday season.

Nicotine- Don't smoke but having guests over that do? Check where they put their cigs.

Poinsettia- Another common holiday plant.

Tea Tree Oil- Often used in diffusers.

Windshield Wiper Fluid- Careful about what is open or leaking in the garage.

Antifreeze- This is appealing to animals and they will drink it.

If you think your pet has ingested or been exposed to something toxic please do not hesitate to contact your vet or the Poison Helpline, time is of the essence with some of these items.