Thursday, December 28, 2017

Favorite Products for Puppies

Getting prepared for a new puppy in the home is extremely exciting as well as stressful because you have to not only get the house puppy proofed but also make sure you have all the right supplies. Customers always ask me for advice on products, food, toys, and books so this year I wanted to ask the experts= fellow Cockapoo owners, and they happily shared what products they use. I may not be familiar with all of the suggested products so I have also added a few tips on things that I like to use or am familiar with.


Puppies like to chew and I even have a few adults that will destroy any toy that isn't made strong enough so make sure that you have things in your house to keep them busy.
Roasted Pig ears and Bully Sticks were the most recommended product to help with teething and to also use as a reward or item to keep dogs busy. When I bought my first batch of Bully Sticks I couldn't believe how smelly they were and didn't even want to touch them but once the dogs got a whiff of that smell they were all over me. Thankfully you can buy odor free sticks and you can also screen for ones that are specifically made within the USA. You can also buy less greasy Pig ears in various sizes that are specifically made in the USA.

Himalyan Dog Chews and Elk Anters were also recommended several times.


Treat Balls were also highly recommended. You place special treats or food within the ball and your dog has to roll it around in order for some of the treats to fall out. I recently purchased one for my adults and they spent the entire afternoon playing with it.

Go Dog toys with "Tough Chew Guard Technology" these are made to withstand the extra wear and tear that other stuffed toys can't and even come with a guarantee.

The Wobble Wag Giggle Ball was recommended by a Cockapoo owner and they said it has lasted 3 years and their dog has not grown tired of it. My dogs love toys that make noise and this too is one of their favorites.

Kong brand toys. I have purchases several types of Kong toys and can say that they stand up to a lot of play and chewing. Some are built extra tough for chewers, some are softer for seniors, and some have options to add treats or peanut butter to them to help keep your dogs busy. (If you feed your dog Peanut Butter be sure not to use any brand that contains Xylitol, it is toxic and deadly to dogs!!)

My adults personally love the Kong Jumbler Ball

My puppies do great with the Kong Senior because it's softer and easier for them to chew on
Fluff and Tuff Dog Toys were also suggested due to extra durability and longer life span


The Tangle Teaser was the #1 brush recommended for Cockapoo Coats

Zen Clippers for clipping toenails

Earthbath Ear Wipes
If you're going to tackle grooming your dog by yourself I have always used, and been happy with, the Andis Ultraedge 2 speed clipper. In the summertime I use a #10 clipper blade to completely shave off their thick Winter coats and if I want to leave a bit of hair on I use a #7 blade.


Cockapoos are extremely smart and are people pleasers so Potty Bells are a great way to teach your dog to let you know when they need to go outside


If you're not comfortable using the standard flea and tick topical or pills recommended by your vet someone suggested chemical free flea and tick like Petzlife Herbal Powder, Essential Oils, and Springtime Garlic Powder.

TRAINING BOOKS                                                                                                                             

Over and over again I have had several people recommend a book called "The Art of Raising a Puppy" by the Monks of New Skete                  


Also very popular is the Cockapoo "Owners Guide from Puppy to Old Age" by Alan Kenworthy