Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Carside Pick Up due to the Coronavirus

Due to the Coronavirus we are changing the way that we handle appointments on the day that families come and pick up their puppies in order to limit exposure to each other. Instead of coming inside to meet us and your puppy we are going to do carside pick up where you stay in your vehicle and I will bring your puppy and paperwork out to you when you arrive at my house.

I am going to try and answer as many questions as possible in this blog so that we don't have to go over additional information during your appointment, and again, avoid exposure to each other.

When I hand you your puppy if you ordered a blanket they will be wrapped in it and I will also give you a packet of paperwork which will contain:  1.) a copy of your puppy contract,  2.) a health record, 3.) a letter from my vet confirming that they have been vet checked,  4.) a weight sheet showing how much your puppy weighed at the vet, 5.) a CVI- Certificate of Veterinary Inspection that again confirms that your puppy was vet checked,  6.) information on how to register the microchip,
7.) a sample of NuVet Vitamins along with information on how to order them and, 8.) a receipt that confirms you received your puppy.
 (All customers receive the above paperwork with their puppies.)

1.) Puppy Contract- The microchip # of your puppy will be filled in on the bottom of the second page of the contract, you will need this number to register the chip with Avid.

2.) Health Record- Give this to your vet when you take your puppy to their first appointment! The front page will contain the name of the parents of your puppy, the birthdate of your puppy, their gender, and color. The inside pages will contain the date that your puppy was vet checked, their microchip number, the dates/types of dewormer that they received, and the date and labels of the vaccines that they received. Your vet will read this and get you on a schedule for future vaccines and dewormings.

3-5.) Vet Letter, Weight Sheet, and CVI- Give this information to your vet when you take your puppy to their first appointment. The letter from our vet will confirm that your puppy has been vet checked, the weight sheet will show how much they weighed at the appointment, and the CVI again shows that they were vet checked (state required form for licensed breeders.)

6.) Avid Microchip registration- You will need to register the microchip # with your information or it will not work! I will write the Microchip # on the bottom of the puppy contract and also in the health record of your puppy. In order to register the Microchip you can call Avid at (800) 336-2843 or by going on their website at: www.avidid.com Please do not forget to do this, if you forget and your puppy is lost or stolen the microchip information will be blank.

7.) NuVet Vitamins- I will give you a sample packet of NuVet Vitamins along with information about them and how to order them. Puppies under 5 pounds can have half a tablet a day, puppies over 5 pounds can have one full tablet a day. I personally like to break them up and use them as treats or to crumble them and put them in their food. You can visit the NuVet page on my website for more information on how to order them: https://www.cutecockapoos.com/nuvet

8.) Receipt- This is another required form for licensed breeders and it will have your information, my information, the puppy's information, and it confirms that you received your puppy.

Food: I have information about their food posted on the FAQ page of my website. If you were unable to get the food before you come and need to purchase a bag from me please let me know in advance and I will add it to your balance due and will bring it out to you.

Payment: For final balances I will only accept cash or a cashier's check made to Cute Cockapoos. I will email you your balance before you come, please bring the exact amount, I will not be giving out change.

If you have any other questions please take some time to read over the FAQ page of my website, this blog, and feel free to ask before you come to pick up your puppy.

This is only a temporary change, those of us who are in the farming and animal husbandry business do not get sick days, no matter how bad we feel our animals still need to be taken care of and chores still need to be done, so it's important to work together to keep everyone healthy.
Stay safe and healthy everyone!

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Coronavirus March 2020


Due to the Coronavirus we are not allowing families to visit the puppies, we are only allowing people to come here on the day that they pick them up and we may change the way that we conduct our appointments to limit exposure.

As many of you already know we are licensed and offer to ship our puppies to anyone living within the United States and we can use Delta, United, or American Airlines. With the Coronavirus causing so many closings, cancelations, and disruptions we have decided to temporarily suspend shipping until things get calmed down. At the moment we have puppies ready to go home in May and I am not sure if there will be issues at the airports during that time. Airlines have very strict rules about shipping puppies as it is, and if there is a disruption in regular flight schedules I don't want a puppy to be caught up in it, nor do I want to be standing in line at the airport amongst angry or sick people.

If you are interested in adopting a Cockapoo puppy from us and would normally require them to be shipped I would ask that you be willing and able to either drive or fly out here instead to pick up the puppy yourself. We are more than willing to meet people at our local airports located in Appleton, WI (ATW) or Green Bay, WI (GRB.) The other two larger airports near us are located in Milwaukee, WI or Madison, WI and we've had several people fly into them and rent a car to come here.
This is only temporary until we see what kinds of affects, if any, that Covid 19 will have on domestic airport traffic.

Update 3/20/20
Due to the Coronavirus causing a reduction in flights Delta has announced that they will temporarily stop shipping pets on 4/1/20 until further notice.

Update 3/22/20
Due to the Coronavirus causing a reduction in flights United has announced that they will temporarily stop shipping pets on 4/25/20 until further notice.

Update 3/25/20

Due to the Coronavirus causing a reduction in flights American Airlines has announced that they will temporarily stop shipping pets on 4/25/20 until further notice. 

Due to all of the disruption with flights we are currently not accepting deposits from families that are unable to drive here (no shipping, no flying here to pick up.) This is only temporary and we will resume regular business once this all clears up.

If you are interested in a Cockapoo puppy from us you can find up to date information and pictures posted on our website: https://www.cutecockapoos.com/puppies-for-sale

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

More Waiting List Questions and Answers

Spring is almost here, warm weather is on the way, people see Summer break in their future, and all of this means that my Waiting List for Cockapoo Puppies is growing by the day! On top of the Waiting List growing I have some beautiful bellies getting bigger by the day and I can't wait to see the new beautiful puppies that are coming our way soon. I love this time of year, I love the anticipation of the new litters coming, and of course I love to see the little beauties being born as each litter is a beautiful surprise as we never know the colors and gender that we are going to get.

With the Waiting List comes a huge list of emails coming my way asking me tons of questions about the upcoming litters: How many people are on your waiting list? How many people want females? How many people want Males? What colors do people want? What colors are they going to be? When will they be ready? How much are they? What number am I on the list? When will you contact me? Am I going to get a puppy from the newest litter? Etc, Etc, Etc.....

I have written a few blogs before explaining how our Waiting List works, not everyone reads it, but for those that do it seems to be helpful. I wanted to write this to further elaborate on a few things that I get asked about over and over again: Parents, Timing, Placement on the List.

It's very common for females to come into heat together so it's very common to have more than one litter born around the same time. I personally like to have a few litters close in age because I love having the puppies grow, learn. and play together. When I start accepting deposits for our Waiting List it's very common for people to ask me who the parents of the litter are and this question is hard to answer for many reasons 1.) If I have a waiting list started and more than one litter coming I don't know what litter I will be contacting you about, especially if you have color or timing preferences.
2.) Sometimes people will submit a deposit in January but not want a puppy until October so I don't even have the mother of their puppy bred yet.
3.) False pregnancies or medical issues, although not common, can happen which is why I don't like to announce litters until they are here and healthy.
A few years ago a lady got on our list and she was pretty far back, like #14 or 15 and she had asked about the parents. I had three litters coming within the next few months so I told her who was expecting, one of which was a female named Molly. A few months passed and when litter #3 arrived I contacted this lady with pictures of the puppies to choose from. Imagine my surprise when the phone rang and this lady was on the other end screaming at me because she didn't get contacted about a litter from Molly and she had told her kids about Molly and everyone had their hearts set on a puppy from Molly! I had no idea that she was set on a puppy from Molly and all of the puppies from that litter had been chosen by people ahead of her on our list.
After that experience I have decided that it's better that I don't get ahead of myself and I wait to announce parents and litters until they are born and available. I don't like to disappoint people and I don't want someone to get their hearts set on a litter they might not be able to get.

Timing can sometimes be a big deal to people, especially with those that have kids with Summers off or careers like Teachers. It's very common for teachers and parents to start submitting deposits for Summer puppies months in advance to get as close to the top of the waiting list as possible. If you are someone that wants a puppy in June it is a very good idea to contact me in January to submit a deposit because Summer puppies sell fast and I don't always have a lot of them. Some people don't understand that I can't control when a female comes into heat and that means that I can't control when I will have puppies available. We do rotational breeding meaning that I don't over breed or treat my females like breeding machines so they don't have litters over and over and over again. One year I may have several litters that will be ready in June and July and the next year I may only have one or two because I am not breeding the same females again or the heat cycles of the others that I am breeding don't line up with June or July ready puppies.
If you are on my Waiting List and want a puppy at a specific time (like June) I will try as hard as I can to get you a puppy when you want it but understand that the longer you wait to get on the list, and the more preferences you have (like color,) can limit your chances at a certain litter so you may end up waiting a bit longer than you had wanted and get a puppy in July instead of June.

Placement on the List:
What number am I on your list? How many people are on your list? These are two of the most common questions I get asked and people need to understand that the Waiting list is fluid and your position on the list can change over and over again all depending on your preferences and what I have available. For a better explanation of this please read one of my other blog articles titled "How Does the Waiting List Work" https://cutecockapoosinwisconsin.blogspot.com/2014/03/how-our-waiting-list-for-cockapoo.html

If you're looking for a Cockapoo Puppy please take some time to read over my website and contact me if interested: https://www.cutecockapoos.com/

Sunday, January 26, 2020

How We Socialize Our Puppies

To socialize our puppies we focus on Touch, Sights, Sounds, Smells, Environment, Positive Reinforcement, and Stimulation. Training starts from the moment they are born until the moment that they leave us and go to their new homes, from there it is up to their new family to continue the training process.

Touch: This is the very first form of socialization that the puppies will get from us. When their mom goes into labor we are there from the minute her water breaks until the minute the last puppy is born. When the puppy is born they are in our hands and immediately introduced to being handled and loved by humans. Our puppies are handled and loved on every single day under our care. Belly rubs are a daily routine, I often have one on my lap while I'm answering emails or talking on the phone. I carry them around while doing daily activities, and when old enough they spend time crawling around on our laps cuddling and playing with toys. I clip their nails a couple of times before they go home, this may not seem like a big deal but it gets them used to having their paws handled which is good for future grooming and nail trims.

Sounds: Puppies don't fully open their eyes until they are about 2.5-3 weeks old so during the period when they can't see, sound and touch are our main focus. The minute the puppies are born they are held and spoken to so they very quickly get used to the feel of our hands and the sounds of our voices. It's very common for me to have complete conversations with our pets, I have found them to be great listeners :)
To mix it up some days I will play episodes of Chicago P.D. so the puppies hear city noises like trains, sirens, and traffic, other days I will play nature shows so the puppies will hear birds and animals. I also like to play different types of music so we go from The Doors, to U2, to Christmas Classics, to Country Western, etc.
I vacuum every day and purposely do it right next to the exercise pen so that the puppies both see and hear it. We have ceiling fans that I will turn on so that they will see the blades moving, hear the sound of the fan, and feel the air moving around them.
We have both a landline and cell phones, all with different ring tones.
The microwave, blender, furnace, lawn mower, tractor, and other every day household sounds are all part of their lives from day one.
I often buy toys that make different noises, some play music, some have loud squeaks, etc. as just another way for them to get used to new sounds.
All of these introductions to sound are always followed by positive reinforcement so that they learn to get used to them and not be scared.

Sights: Puppies don't fully open their eyes until they are about 2.5-3 weeks old so when they can finally see it's important to introduce them to as many things as possible. For the first few weeks of their lives w/out vision they have gotten used to hearing our voices and feeling our hands so it's exciting to finally introduce ourselves visually. Some days I will wear my hair up, other days I will leave it down, puppies love to chew on long hair. Some days my husband will wear a hat, or go without shaving and grow some stubble on his face, when the puppies go to lick his cheek it will feel and look different. During good weather I take the puppies outside for a change in environment and to see all of the new sights and sounds that they do not experience while indoors. Toys and treats are a big part of the puppy world and I feel it's best to mix them up and change them out so that they don't get bored having the same things all of the time. Kongs stuffed with peanut butter, treat puzzles, balls with squeakers, stuffed animals, bully sticks, roasted pig ears are all things that I like to introduce them to. Our other animals also play a big visual role, we have several kitties and the puppies are very used to seeing them on a regular basis. When outside they see the horses and cows walk by, all which help them get used to seeing new things and being used to new animals.
 All of these introductions are done slowly so to avoid overloading them and they are always followed by positive reinforcement so that they get used to new things and learn not to be scared.

Environment: Along with introducing the puppies to new things to see I feel it's important to expose them to different environments. If it's nice outside I set up exercise pens in the yard so they can play in the grass, smell the fresh air, feel the warm sun, chew on fresh sticks, play in the leaves and take in the outdoor environment. During Winter if it's warm enough I take them outside to play in the snow, they love to climb the snow banks, cover their faces in fresh snow beards, and tackle each other while rolling down the snow piles. When outside they also get to observe our chickens, cats, horses, and cows. They hear and see the cars going by, hear the planes up above, hear the wind rustling through the leaves, all this is quite different from being indoors and gets them used to things they'll experience in every day life.

I only have the puppies for a very small moment of time in their lives and I feel that it's my job to start them off right by getting them used to different things but it's also vital that their new families continue to expose, train, and mold them into the dogs that they want them to be. Puppies are innocent sponges that will soak up all the knowledge that you are willing to give them, if you don't work with and train them then don't expect a perfect dog. If you are a new puppy owner I highly suggest puppy classes and doggy day care a couple of times a week, both will make a world of difference!

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Teach Your Dog to Trade

Anyone who owns a pet knows that they have their moments when they do things that drive you crazy! With Cockapoos having that big brain, anyone who owns one can certainly tell you that there are moments when they can be very stubborn and will challenge you to see who is really the boss. One lesson that I find to be invaluable is to teach them how to trade, and to do it at a young age to avoid potential future problems. Have you ever gotten attitude when your dog has a favorite toy or treat or has just run off for the millionth time with a sock they stole out of your laundry basket?
Teaching your dog to trade one object for another will help resolve a potentially dangerous situation when they are under the bed with your favorite bra and growling when you reach your hand to grab it back.

I am not a professional trainer so I suggest doing a further "Google" Search or seeking the advice of a professional but start when your puppy is young. Keep a special treat, cubes of cheese, a piece of meat, etc. and only use it when you are teaching this lesson or actually using it to retrieve an item. For training purposes give your dog a toy or every day treat and then offer to trade them a special treat in exchange for that toy/treat. Say the same word or phrase like "trade" or "drop it," and use positive reinforcement when the exchange is made. Cockapoos are smart and repetition along with praise will get you way farther than screaming at them to give something back while they are under the bed growling at you.
I want to point out that not every dog gets crabby when they steal something or are interrupted when enjoying a favorite snack but it never hurts to teach them a new skill and to be prepared just in case.

Looking for a Cockapoo Puppy? Please visit our website for current pictures, prices, and information:

Friday, November 1, 2019

I Accept Paypal for Deposits Only!

I have a lot of information posted on my website, including payment methods, but I realize that not everyone takes the time to read things over so today I'm going to share a recent experience with a customer using Paypal. On both my website and my contract I explain that I accept Paypal for deposits only and all balances must be paid in either cash or a cashier's check, no Paypal or personal checks.
Today I received an email from Paypal notifying me that a customer sent me money. The customer did not ask me or notify me in advance and they had sent an amount that they assumed to be their balance due of $1,287.60. For those of you not familiar with Paypal they make their money by charging a fee for all transactions. In this case the customer did not add in the transaction fee so Paypal deducted $37.64 and credited my account with $1,249.96. This final amount did not cover the balance due on the puppy and the customer was unaware that Paypal would be deducting such a large fee. Since I do not accept Paypal for final balances I simply logged into my account and hit the "Issue a Refund" button and the money in the total amount of $1,287.60 was immediately returned to the customer, problem solved, or so I thought..... After the transaction was refunded I noticed an odd balance in my account so I did the math and Paypal issued the customer a complete refund but then charged me their fee of $37.64 for a transaction I did not request or accept! I called and spoke to a customer service rep and was told that they now automatically keep all fees, even in the case of a refund. I asked why the person sending me the money wasn't charged and was basically told that it is what it is and there's nothing that could be done about it. So now, because someone didn't read my posted information and didn't take the time to discuss with me first, $37.64 has been completely wasted on a refunded Paypal transaction and I am going to get yelled at when I charge the customer for the fee that was charged to me by Paypal.
Apparently Paypal recently changed their policy and sellers are getting stuck with the fees:

As a customer please do take some time to read over my website and puppy contract, I try really hard to answer all questions and make things crystal clear. If you ever have a question don't hesitate to ask me. I want the process of adopting a puppy from us to be exciting, comfortable, and crystal clear so communication is key!
For deposits I will accept Paypal, Cash, Personal Check, Cashier's check or Money orders made to Cute Cockapoos. Buyers are responsible for the cost of all Paypal fees.
For final balances due if you are having your puppy shipped or delivered I require a Cashier's check a minimum of 10 days before the puppy leaves. I do not accept personal checks or Paypal.
For final balances due if you are picking up your puppy I require Cash or a Cashier's check made to Cute Cockapoos. I do not accept personal checks or Paypal.
If you do not read this information in advance and send me money using Paypal, you as a buyer, are responsible for all Paypal fees.

For current pictures, prices, and information about our available or upcoming Cockapoo Puppies please visit our website: www.cutecockapoos.com

Friday, October 18, 2019

2019 Christmas Cockapoos!

It's only October but I have been getting emails about Christmas puppies for over a month now so wanted to give everyone an update. We are expecting one litter that will be ready for home in early December and one litter that will be ready either the week of or the week after Christmas. I will be able to give specifics on take home dates once the babies are born.

Due to the wide variety of colors within our bloodlines I cannot tell you what colors we will receive until they are born but am thinking we may get Merle, Buff, Apricot, and maybe Red.
I have started a waiting list and do accept deposits in advance.

We do not offer pickups or shipping on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day so that we can spend time with our families. Please feel free to email me for details or stay tuned to the "Puppies for Sale" page of our website for pictures and information about the available puppies.