Sunday, May 19, 2019

Cockapoo Coat Variations

For my next couple of blog posts I aim to talk about the different characteristics of a Cockapoo ranging from coat styles to eye color, to size in order to educate others about this wonderful breed. Today I am going to discuss coat styles. Many of you may not be aware of this but Cockapoos can have three very different coat styles, one is a flat coat sometimes called a straight coat or a smooth coat or what I refer to as a "smoothie," another is a fluffy/wavy coat with loose waves running throughout, and the other is a tightly curled coat often referred to as a "Poodle coat." A variation in coat styles makes total sense because a Cockapoo is a mixed breed and their characteristics will depend on genetics and which breed they take after more. Sometimes people get a "picture" in their head of what a Cockapoo should look like and are either confused or mistrusting when they see one that doesn't look similar to what they think they should, this often happens when people see a smooth coated Cockapoo.

Coat variations can happen within a litter where some puppies are smooth while others are wavy, and again, this all depends on genetics. Here are pictures of two siblings from the same litter, the Merle has a fluffy/wavy coat while the Red one is a "smoothie."

Cockapoos that have the wavy or curly coats also have the well know beard, facial hair, long hair on their ears, and bangs.

Cockapoos with a smoother coat can turn out to be quite fluffy throughout their body, have bangs and long hair on their ears, but often lack the beard, otherwise referred to as "furnishings." 
Below is a picture of an adult Smooth Coated Cockapoo, she was recently groomed so you'll notice that her body hair is quite shorter than normal but her smooth face and lack of a beard is a perfect example of a trait very common with the "smoothies."

Here is a picture of another "smoothie" with her hair grown out. You'll see she has a fluffy coat, bangs, and some facial hair on the sides but not a full beard.

I occasionally do get "smoothies" in my litters and personally think that they are beautiful but have come across people who absolutely do not like them, and others who have questioned whether they really were a Cockapoo due to being uneducated about the variations within the breed. If a type of coat style is important to you it is vital that you discuss it with your breeder and wait until the puppies are several weeks old before you pick one. When a Cockapoo is first born they have a smooth coat and their texture develops over time so a breeder will not be able to tell you at birth whether the puppy is going to be smooth, wavy, or tightly curled. 

People often ask if smooth coated Cockapoos shed more and the truth is that each dog is an individual with their own traits but all three coat styles have the low to no shedding and low allergy qualities that has made the breed so popular.

It's important to remember that Cockapoos are a mixed breed and will take on the characteristics of both of their parents resulting in different coat styles, different heights, different eye colors, different weights, etc. Please do your research in advance when adopting a pet, no matter the breed, to make sure they will be the right match for you.