Thursday, August 28, 2014

We are Moving in September 2014

I am going to be updating our website with new location and contact information this weekend and wanted to post this so that I don't get anyone confused when they are looking for a Cockapoo puppy from us! As you may know, once you post something online, like an ad, it seems to get spread everywhere so over the years of advertising our puppies I am sure there are ads all over that I don't even know about and it will take me some time to get everything corrected with our new location information. For those of you familiar with Cute Cockapoos we were originally located in Iola, Wisconsin but we are now moving our business to Manawa, Wisconsin which is actually only a few miles away from our original address. Sandy and I (Jamie) are a mother/daughter team that has raised our puppies together with most of the work and customer pickups being done at Sandy's house in Iola. Since there is so much work to do I have been driving back and forth to Sandy's house on a daily basis to do my part and then come home each night to take care of my own farm, etc. In 2010 my husband and I were finally able to purchase a farm of our own and have been steadily working on updating, remodeling, and doing some new construction to the point that we are ready to have the dogs and puppies here :) Sandy is starting to slow down a little bit and my husband and I are at a point that we can now handle things at home, in Manawa, hence the new location and phone number that will soon be posted to the website. Don't worry, Sandy and I will still be the same people raising the same wonderful Cockapoo Puppies, you will just be picking them up at a new location that will be slightly easier to find than Sandy's house (she's way out in the woods!) If you do encounter an old ad that I have not corrected or found yet you will still be able to get in touch with us, I am not changing our email address. Thank you for your patience while I work on getting all of our information switched over and please do contact us if you are looking for a Cockapoo puppy.
Our email address is:
Our website is:
We are now located in Manawa, Wisconsin
Our new phone # is (920) 596-1730