Tuesday, March 20, 2018

It's Spring & Ticks are Here

Today is March 20th, 2018, officially the first day of Spring! Temperatures here in Wisconsin have been all over the place, two days ago it was 60 and today it's in the 30's and the East Coast is gearing up for their 4th Nor'Easter so it certainly doesn't seem like Spring weather wants to come. We decided to start grooming off the shaggy Winter coats of our dogs today and along with that start to treat them for ticks. I am not a big fan of putting too many chemicals on my dogs so when Winter weather starts we stop applying flea and tick topical. We don't have fleas but we do live out in the country and do have ticks so topical is necessary (in my opinion) during the warmer months. While I was grooming Jackson my mom walked in, saw the topical on the table, and asked me if it was 'tick season again?' I said I wasn't sure because of it being up and down with the warm and cold temperatures but thought it was better to be safe than sorry and she agreed.
About a half hour after I was done grooming Jackson I picked up one of our kitties, felt a lump on her neck and proceeded to pull off a tick, so yes, it is officially tick season here.......