Friday, November 1, 2019

I Accept Paypal for Deposits Only!

I have a lot of information posted on my website, including payment methods, but I realize that not everyone takes the time to read things over so today I'm going to share a recent experience with a customer using Paypal. On both my website and my contract I explain that I accept Paypal for deposits only and all balances must be paid in either cash or a cashier's check, no Paypal or personal checks.
Today I received an email from Paypal notifying me that a customer sent me money. The customer did not ask me or notify me in advance and they had sent an amount that they assumed to be their balance due of $1,287.60. For those of you not familiar with Paypal they make their money by charging a fee for all transactions. In this case the customer did not add in the transaction fee so Paypal deducted $37.64 and credited my account with $1,249.96. This final amount did not cover the balance due on the puppy and the customer was unaware that Paypal would be deducting such a large fee. Since I do not accept Paypal for final balances I simply logged into my account and hit the "Issue a Refund" button and the money in the total amount of $1,287.60 was immediately returned to the customer, problem solved, or so I thought..... After the transaction was refunded I noticed an odd balance in my account so I did the math and Paypal issued the customer a complete refund but then charged me their fee of $37.64 for a transaction I did not request or accept! I called and spoke to a customer service rep and was told that they now automatically keep all fees, even in the case of a refund. I asked why the person sending me the money wasn't charged and was basically told that it is what it is and there's nothing that could be done about it. So now, because someone didn't read my posted information and didn't take the time to discuss with me first, $37.64 has been completely wasted on a refunded Paypal transaction and I am going to get yelled at when I charge the customer for the fee that was charged to me by Paypal.
Apparently Paypal recently changed their policy and sellers are getting stuck with the fees:

As a customer please do take some time to read over my website and puppy contract, I try really hard to answer all questions and make things crystal clear. If you ever have a question don't hesitate to ask me. I want the process of adopting a puppy from us to be exciting, comfortable, and crystal clear so communication is key!
For deposits I will accept Paypal, Cash, Personal Check, Cashier's check or Money orders made to Cute Cockapoos. Buyers are responsible for the cost of all Paypal fees.
For final balances due if you are having your puppy shipped or delivered I require a Cashier's check a minimum of 10 days before the puppy leaves. I do not accept personal checks or Paypal.
For final balances due if you are picking up your puppy I require Cash or a Cashier's check made to Cute Cockapoos. I do not accept personal checks or Paypal.
If you do not read this information in advance and send me money using Paypal, you as a buyer, are responsible for all Paypal fees.

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