Monday, May 14, 2018

Xylitol is TOXIC to Dogs!!

I live on a farm and do a lot of physical labor which requires frequent trips to my chiropractor. She's a very natural and holistic type of doctor and often has organic, natural, and sugar free items for sale in her office. One day while waiting for my appointment I looked over the ingredients of all the sugar free candy and gums she had out on display and they all contained Xylitol. My chiropractor also happens to breed Boxers so I asked her if she was aware of how toxic and deadly Xylitol is for dogs and she had no idea. I don't think enough people are aware of the dangers of Xylitol and I wish that all of the products that contain it were required to have a big red warning label informing people that ingestion by their dog can lead to death.
We all can't wait until the teething puppy stage is over, right? Those crocodile razor sharp teeth constantly nipping on your fingers, grabbing at your toes, eyeing up your favorite shoes for a snack, it's torture and most of us will do anything to make our puppies happy and to stop them from eating your fingers. Kong toys are one of the best and most popular toy brands out there and they make a lot of fun products that you can stuff with cheese or peanut butter to keep your puppy happy and busy for awhile. Did you know that some companies use Xylitol in their peanut butter? Innocently adding peanut butter to a toy or treat to keep your puppy busy can lead to death if you accidentally use a brand that contains Xylitol.
So what is Xylitol? It is a natural sugar substitute that is often found in sugar free products like gum, candy, peanut butter, chocolates, tooth paste, cookies, muffins, vitamins, and various supplements. Seeing it is found in so many products if you are a dog owner it is vital to find out if anything in your house contains Xylitol and to be sure that you keep it out of reach of your dog.
If you suspect that your dog has ingested Xylitol it is vital that you immediately get them to a vet, time is of the essence! As little as 0.1g ingested by a dog can cause hypoglycemia (drop in blood sugar) which leads to weakness, lack of coordination, seizures, coma and even death in as little as thirty minutes so that is why it's so important to seek medical help immediately.
Xylitol consumed in slightly larger doses can liver failure which often cannot be reversed or becomes too costly for the owners to repair.

I found an article online that contained a list of products known to contain Xylitol, I am sure that ingredients change and new products pop up all the time so please be sure to check your items yourself but here is the link, hopefully it will help save a life:

Unfortunately a lot of pet owners are unaware of the dangers of Xylitol so please help spread the word, no one wants to lose their pet, especially if it can be easily avoided by checking the ingredients list of your household products.

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