Monday, June 19, 2023

Shipping your Puppy via Flight Nanny Services

 Due to constant changes in airline policies we no longer ship our puppies via cargo. I realize that is a major inconvenience to many of our out of state customers but we do have a few alternatives to help get your puppy to you! 

As always you are more than welcome to come to our home and pick up your puppy in person. We have had many families from out of state make the trip up here and they always say the drive is beautiful! If you are not within what you would consider driving distance there are still a few flight options. Our two local airports are Appleton, WI (ATW) and Green Bay, WI (GRB.) Surprisingly, there are a few airlines that do fly direct to them including Southwest, Allegiant, American, and Frontier (check the airlines directly for current information.) If you are willing to fly here we can certainly meet you at the airport with your puppy. We have also had families fly into Milwaukee, WI (MKE,) rent a car, and come here to pick up your puppy. Delivery to MKE could possibly be an option for a fee, but please check with us first to make sure we are available or can find someone to hire.

If flying here doesn't suit you then a Puppy Nanny service may be a better option. If our schedule allows, either myself or my husband, may be available to personally fly your puppy to your airport of choice and meet you there. The buyer would be responsible for the cost of the flight, airline pet fee, soft crate and health certificate, plus a $300 travel fee. We would fly out of Appleton or Green Bay, WI and if there are not any flights available for our return on the same day the buyer would be responsible for an additional hotel fee of $150. Once you pick out a puppy we could look into specific costs of available flights and dates. Once we figured out a flight that fit everyone's needs we would need to be paid in full, via Paypal, and would then book it. Flights are non-refundable so if we book a flight and you then cancel on a puppy your payment to us for the flight would not be refunded.

If we are not available to fly a puppy to you there are professional Flight Nanny services that you can hire. Just doing a simple Google search brought up several companies and there are a few things I would double check before booking with them. I noticed that some of the nannies only fly stand by, meaning that they work for the airline and can fly for free on stand by, but the flight is not guaranteed and this could cause some issues with everyone's schedules. Other companies offer stand by flights or purchased flights which are guaranteed so I would double check to see what they offer and which you prefer. Some companies only flew to larger airports and did not offer ATW or GRB as a destination so definitely double check where they will fly. I also noticed that some offer soft sided crates that they reuse while others required you to purchase one. In general most charge a standard fee plus the cost of a ticket if you're not flying stand by, and additional fees charged by the airline. Airlines charge a pet fee usually between $95-200. If it were my decision, I would work with a service that lets you purchase a ticket because flying stand by isn't always available, especially to the smaller airports that are near us. Definitely do your research, and if you decide to use a service, we will work with them to get your puppy to you. 

I'm sure there are lots of companies out there, here are a few that I saw while spending a few minutes on Google:

Fuzzy fur Babies:

TLC Flight Nanny:

In Cabin Puppy:

Paws on a Plane:

Pet Commute:

(I'm not affiliated with any of the above companies and am not reimbursed for mentioning them.)

Puppies and all travel fees need to be paid for in full via Paypal or a Cashier's check before the date of travel. If using Paypal their fee will be added onto the balance due.