Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Carside Pick Up due to the Coronavirus

Due to the Coronavirus we are changing the way that we handle appointments on the day that families come and pick up their puppies in order to limit exposure to each other. Instead of coming inside to meet us and your puppy we are going to either do car side pick up where you stay in your vehicle and I will bring your puppy and paperwork out to you when you arrive at my house, or weather permitting, we will have the puppies outside when you arrive.

I am going to try and answer as many questions as possible in this blog so that we don't have to go over additional information during your appointment, and again, avoid exposure to each other.

When I hand you your puppy if you ordered a blanket they will be wrapped in it and I will also give you a packet of paperwork which will contain:  1.) a copy of your puppy contract,  2.) a health record, 3.) a letter from my vet confirming that they have been vet checked,  4.) a weight sheet showing how much your puppy weighed at the vet, 5.) a CVI- Certificate of Veterinary Inspection that again confirms that your puppy was vet checked,  6.) information on how to register the microchip,
7.) and a sample of NuVet Vitamins along with information on how to order them.
 (All customers receive the above paperwork with their puppies.)

1.) Puppy Contract- The microchip # of your puppy will be filled in on the bottom of the second page of the contract, you will need this number to register the chip with Avid.

2.) Health Record- Give this to your vet when you take your puppy to their first appointment! The front page will contain the name of the parents of your puppy, the birthdate of your puppy, their gender, and color. The inside pages will contain the date that your puppy was vet checked, their microchip number, the dates/types of de-wormer that they received, and the date and labels of the vaccines that they received. Your vet will read this and get you on a schedule for future vaccines and de-wormings.

3-5.) Vet Letter, Weight Sheet, and CVI- Give this information to your vet when you take your puppy to their first appointment. The letter from our vet will confirm that your puppy has been vet checked, the weight sheet will show how much they weighed at the appointment, and the CVI again shows that they were vet checked (state required form for licensed breeders.)

6.) Avid Microchip registration- You will need to register the microchip # with your information or it will not work! I will write the Microchip # on the bottom of the puppy contract and also in the health record of your puppy. In order to register the Microchip you can call Avid at (800) 336-2843 or by going on their website at: www.avidid.com Please do not forget to do this, if you forget and your puppy is lost or stolen the microchip information will be blank.

7.) NuVet Vitamins- I will give you a sample packet of NuVet Vitamins along with information about them and how to order them. Puppies under 5 pounds can have half a tablet a day, puppies over 5 pounds can have one full tablet a day. I personally like to break them up and use them as treats or to crumble them and put them in their food. You can visit the NuVet page on my website for more information on how to order them: https://www.cutecockapoos.com/nuvet

Payment: For final balances I will only accept cash or a cashier's check made to Cute Cockapoos. I will email you your balance before you come, please bring the exact amount, I will not be giving out change. If paying via a Cashier's check please double check the spelling, I have had people bring me checks made to Cute Cockatoos and I don't raise birds.

Food: I have information about their food posted on the FAQ page of my website. If you were unable to get the food before you come and need to purchase a bag from me please let me know in advance and I will add it to your balance due and will bring it out to you.

Collars: I have collars available that will fit your puppy for $6, if you would like me to have one ready for you at pick up please let me know in advance and I will add it to your balance due.

Snuffle Mats: I make homemade Snuffle Mats! If you're interested in taking one home with your puppy let me know, and if I have any available, I will set one aside. They are $20 each and the colors will vary.

All puppies will be given a bath and have their nails clipped either the day before or day of departure. 

If you have any other questions please take some time to read over the FAQ page of my website, this blog, and feel free to ask before you come to pick up your puppy.

This is only a temporary change, those of us who are in the farming and animal husbandry business do not get sick days, no matter how bad we feel our animals still need to be taken care of and chores still need to be done, so it's important to work together to keep everyone healthy.
Stay safe and healthy everyone!