Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Teach Your Dog to Trade

Anyone who owns a pet knows that they have their moments when they do things that drive you crazy! With Cockapoos having that big brain, anyone who owns one can certainly tell you that there are moments when they can be very stubborn and will challenge you to see who is really the boss. One lesson that I find to be invaluable is to teach them how to trade, and to do it at a young age to avoid potential future problems. Have you ever gotten attitude when your dog has a favorite toy or treat or has just run off for the millionth time with a sock they stole out of your laundry basket?
Teaching your dog to trade one object for another will help resolve a potentially dangerous situation when they are under the bed with your favorite bra and growling when you reach your hand to grab it back.

I am not a professional trainer so I suggest doing a further "Google" Search or seeking the advice of a professional but start when your puppy is young. Keep a special treat, cubes of cheese, a piece of meat, etc. and only use it when you are teaching this lesson or actually using it to retrieve an item. For training purposes give your dog a toy or every day treat and then offer to trade them a special treat in exchange for that toy/treat. Say the same word or phrase like "trade" or "drop it," and use positive reinforcement when the exchange is made. Cockapoos are smart and repetition along with praise will get you way farther than screaming at them to give something back while they are under the bed growling at you.
I want to point out that not every dog gets crabby when they steal something or are interrupted when enjoying a favorite snack but it never hurts to teach them a new skill and to be prepared just in case.

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