Monday, December 9, 2013

Congrats to Chester the Cockapoo!

I often tell people that Cockapoos are incredibly smart, they are eager to learn and once they learn something they don't seem to forget it. If they have a dedicated owner the possibilities of what a Cockapoo can become are endless. Here is an email I received a few days ago from a customer with an update on her puppy, more proof of how smart the Cockapoo breed is:

Jamie & Sandy,
It has been 1-1/2 years ago since we got our puppy from you. So here is a quick update of my little Chester (Max born 4-14-2012): He is a very lovable, smart dog and so much fun to have. I've trained him in obedience and agility. I started training him in agility in mid January. He has competed in three different AKC Agility trials since October, and we have taken 1st place each time. He is my Blue Ribbon boy! He has earned two titles so far: CGC and NAP (yesterday). We are so proud of him.  Attached are a few pictures of him from his first show. Enjoy. :)
Lomira, WI

Congrats to Chester and his hard working owner, keep up the good work!
If you have adopted a Cockapoo Puppy from us and have a good story about their training please email it to me, we love to see updates, and I may add it to the website and my blog!