Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Some of my Favorite Pet Products!

Since I raise Cockapoo puppies for a living I have had many customers ask me for tips on products to use for their pets so I have decided to make a list of some of my favorite items, hope it helps!

1.) Revolution (can be used on cats and dogs) is a once a month topical that can protect your dog or cat from fleas, heartworms, ear mites, sarcoptic mange, and ticks! It can be given to puppies as young as six weeks old and has doses available based on the weight of your animal. It is only available by prescription so you would have to ask your vet if Revolution is a product they would suggest using on your pet.  Their website for more info is:

2.) NuVet Vitamins- Nuvet Plus is a nutritional supplement that can boost your pets immune system and overall health. They offer a wide variety of supplements available in tablet and powder formulas available for both dogs and cats. When I first heard about them I was a bit skeptical but I also happened to have an older Golden Retriever that developed a rash on her back. I had taken my dog to the vet, tried different creams, medications, lotions, shampoo's, change in diet, etc. and the rash continued. She had dry skin with red patches and was starting to lose her hair and I didn't have any kind of reason why so I decided to try NuVet. Within a few weeks of giving her a tablet once away her skin started to heal, the redness went away, and her hair eventually all grew back!! Since then she, and my other pets all get NuVet and I suggest it to all of my customers. They also offer NuJoint for older pets as well as shampoos and cleaning products. To order from them you have to have a code:  65553 and you can either get more info. about them by visiting my website at: and clicking on the NuVet page or you can visit their website at: but don't forget the code: 65553

3.) Snuggle Safe Heating Pads- Puppies need to be kept warm and quite often you'll see them all grouped together sleeping in a giant ball to keep each other comfortable, warm, and secure. All of our puppies get Snuggle Safe's in their beds. They are a round disk that you put in the microwave for about five minutes and they stay warm for hours. Most come with a fleece cover to make them more comfortable but you can also wrap them up in a towel or blanket and the puppies will crawl right on top of them and sleep for hours. I suggest them to our customers because puppies are nervous when they are first brought to new homes so a snuggle safe is something they are used to having here and they won't feel so alone, they'll have a source of heat next to them, similar to when they are laying in a group with their siblings. They can be found online and also at most pet stores. They are also great when traveling in cold weather.

4.) Snuggle Puppy- This is another product that I suggest to my customers because it really helps a puppy not feel so alone when moving to a new home. It's a stuffed animal that has a beating heart and heat packets so it makes the puppy feel like they are not alone and it's feels similar to sleeping with another sibling. They too, are also good for traveling. They can be found all over online but one website is: or

5.) Kong products (for both cats and dogs) - We have teething puppies and adult dogs that love to play so we always have a supply of Kong toys around. They are made of rubber, are incredibly durable and stand up to lots of chewing! They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and all of our pets love them! I realize they are a bit pricier than some other toys out there but, in our experience, they last a lot longer than the cheaper stuff and are worth the investment. They can be found almost anywhere but their website is:

6.) Nobbly Wobbly Ball- This is one or our dogs favorite toys! It's made of hard rubber, is bright in color, has a lot of texture, and really bounces. You can buy them in different sizes based on your pet and they are good for cats, dogs, and even birds. The one that I do not suggest is the small one that contains a bell in the middle, I see that as a potential choking hazard if it were to be chewed through. If your dog loves to play fetch than definitely try this ball out! They can be found at most pet stores or online as well.

7.) Flea and Tick topicals that include Insect Growth Regulators- There are tons and tons of flea and tick topicals out there to choose from but do your research on what they actually do. If you read the fine print you will see that some just prevent fleas and ticks, some instantly kill fleas and ticks, and some do all of the above plus have Insect Growth Regulators that also kill flea eggs and larvae. I like to use a product from Advantage because it can be used on dogs and cats and it kills adult fleas within 12 hours and the IGR prevents the development of flea eggs and larvae so it completely covers the entire flea cycle. If you have cats and dogs also be sure to find out if a product you would use on a dog can be toxic to your cat, and look for something that is safe for both species. The product Advantage that we use can be bought without a prescription and can be found at most pet stores or usually for much cheaper online. Here is a link to an article I have posted that compares different flea and tick products to help you decide what works best for you:

8.) Pig ears and Natural Bones- Our animals get lots of treats but I try to only use natural products like roasted pig ears, bully sticks, and fresh cow bones that we get from the butcher. It's hysterical to see a 15lb Miniature Poodle chewing on a full size cow leg but they love them, it's a good source of protein, good for their teeth, and the dogs thoroughly enjoy them! Our puppies love roasted pig ears, with them teething they are a great product because they are small enough for the puppies to carry around, they keep them busy, and they really enjoy having something to chew on. I do not suggest rawhide products for animals, they are man made and I have heard too many stories about them breaking up into slivers and harming the animals mouth or throat, I realize that natural bones can do the same thing but it's much harder for a Poodle to split up a cow's leg bone than a rawhide treat from the store. Natural products and bones can be found all over at various pet stores, grocery stores, and also online. Try them out, your dog will love them!

9.) Yeowww Catnip Toys- Aside from dogs, I am a cat lover and I have found that the best catnip toys for my furry friends are made from Yeowww brand. They have a wide variety of products in all sorts of shapes and sizes but if you ask my 8 kitties and my mom's 3 other ones they will all tell you that they prefer the Catnip Banana. It's yellow in color, 7 inches long, and curved like an actual banana so your cat can lay on its side, have one end in their mouth, wrap their front legs around it and kick it with their back legs, trust me, it will happen and it will put your kitties in pure heaven! Yeowww products can be found all over but I buy them in bulk so I go to their website at: and click on their "Store Locator" to find online retailers so that I can compare prices. Your cat will love these!

10.) Retractable Leashes- I do a lot of walking with my dogs and I have found that a retractable leash is my favorite. With shorter leashes your dog can only go so far and it often leads to them pulling hard against the leash, choking themselves, and pulling you around like a rag doll! I do not enjoy this so a retractable leash is what I always use. You can find them in various lengths, a variety of colors, various strengths based on your pets size, and lots of them now offer added extras like lights for walking at night and compartments to keep clean up bags in. They can be found at most stores and also online. When training a puppy I also suggest using a harness because puppies often fight against leashes and this causes them to choke themselves but with a harness this can be avoided and makes training a lot easier.